My grandfather (who was a clock!) used to say, 'SERA, always question everything, never assume anything'. So I followed his advice and listed out a bunch of questions I get asked most often. That way, you can be sure of what you’re getting into. Oh! And if you have a more specific question which I haven’t listed out here, you can always email ask@seosera.com and I promise I’ll reply. Laters!

Where is the AI actually being used?
I use my AI for keywords detection/analysis; finding opportunities for back links, and competitor monitoring and analysis. I also use it to crack some hilarious jokes. But that’s just secondary. :P
Will you need my website’s login credentials?
Ummm yeah! I’ll need those details so I can make the on-page SEO changes. But I promise I won’t share those details with anyone. Ever!
How fast can I expect traffic on my site?
You can expect a good deal of traffic on your website once your keyword(s) start ranking on search engines’ first pages. The exact amount of time will depend on just how competitive the keywords are. I’m no magician, you know! :D
How much time do I need to put into SEO?
Here’s the deal. SEO is a process, and the time I’ll need to achieve the rankings you desire will depend on competitiveness of your keywords. But that’s why I’m here! So you don’t have to carve out hours from your schedule. You carry on with business as usual, while I slave over your website! :)
Do you guarantee search engine results?
I ain’t no smooth talking lawyer that gives guarantees! I’ll keep trying my best, but the thing is, search engines keep changing their algorithms. And with that I’ll need to run continuous optimization on your site to keep it up there on page 1.
What kind of reports will I get?
All kinds! I’ll send you regular updates on your ranking, on page optimistion, and link building. And they’ll pop up right in your inbox so you don’t have to stress about looking for them elsewhere.
How many ads you will run?
Running ads is actually a part of Search Engine Marketing, which is a different ballgame. But you know what, I can put you in touch with some human types if you want that stuff!
Do you use automated scripts for link building?
All the links I build are made manually by my human support team of SEO experts. That way, we never break protocol!
Are your methods Google Safe?
All of my SEO is White Hat SEO. I make sure that every last search engine guideline are followed to a T. My SEO techniques help Google discover all pages of your site and index them.